Knitted Baby Gifts

babyfeetWhen I had Lil Miss P, one of my best friends and his wife also had their little boy.

We shared our journey of pregnancy with yoga classes and long texts and catch ups about our impending labours and then, in the middle of the night after our tots were born, our desperation at having two wide awake babies or our insecurities about every parenting decision we had made to that point.

Scroll forward 3 years and with the arrival of number two for us, these same friends also had their second baby.

We’re keeping in sync with our families and it’s been really nice to have close friends with kids at the same stages. We share trials and tribulations and fun play dates.

When I found out they were having another wee boy, I wanted to create another special hand made gift for him.

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Baby Boy Sweater

I love babies in hand knits.

There’s something so snuggly and cosy about a baby wearing a warm knitted jersey or being wrapped in a lovely woolen blanket.

I’ve already knit quite a few clothing items for Miss P but now that Master L is here, it’s been fun to knit up ‘boy’ clothes too.

One item that I really wanted him to have to wear is a little ‘old man’ sweater. A proper button down cardigan style sweater with the roll neck. So when I found the Baby Sophisticate Sweater by Linden Down on Ravelry I was so excited.

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Vintage Inspired Quilt

vintage quiltI’ve never been particularly good at the whole vintage thing. 

There are lots of vintage things and themes I love but I’ve never felt that I really have the style or know how to pull off vintage properly. It’s a bit of an art to make vintage actually look cool, rather than have it look like you just have a bunch of old, dated stuff hanging around.

My style is pretty contemporary. I’m not on trend and I’m not vintage cool. As much as I often wish I could be in either camp.

I do what works for me right now, what appeals to me in the moment.

But one thing that I had been wanting to do, that was outside of my usual zone, was to create a quilt that had a more vintage feel.

I wanted to make a quilt that was a little more timeless, had a more vintage, old world, grandma’s attic kind of feel.

It felt important to create a quilt that more closely reflected the original feel and style of olden day quilting.

When I recently visited a Quilt Fair I came across the fabrics designed by Lynette Anderson and I knew I’d found the start of my project.

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