2014 Craft Project List

yearI’m a list making kind of girl. I love making a list and checking it twice….. three times…… a dozen times!

I make lists for all sorts of things. Who to send Christmas cards to each year, who to buy presents for, grocery lists, lists of things we need to buy (wants and needs), lists of jobs to do and lists of work I need to complete for my business.

Lists make me feel happy. They keep me organised and I gain a sense of control with lists.

Maybe that makes me a little uptight but I don’t care. It keeps my mind clearer when I have written lists, so I can use the extra mind space to focus on other things.

One thing I don’t normally write a list for though is what crafts I’m going to do. I usually just decide to do my next project as I come across them. If I see a quilt pattern I like, I try it. If I spot a neat idea on Pinterest, I give it a go.

In fact, as I’ve mentioned I’m totally ADHD about my crafting and I will pick up a project as soon as I have the idea, whether I have one or ten other projects going at the time. Then I go through a phase of finishing them all off one by one before I start the whole process again of picking up a bunch of projects and having them all going at once.

I don’t think that will ever change but one thing I am going to do differently this year is to make a list of all the projects I want to do.

Why make a list? Well the main reason is that I’ve decided to join a group of other crafters doing the same and we’re going to run a check in to keep each other on track with our lists. It’s not so much about accountability but more about making sure that we find the time to do what we love to do in the mix of being Mum’s, Wives/Girlfriends, Friends, Sisters, Aunts, and employees.

It’s so easy to put aside your own hobbies and activities that bring you relaxation when you have all those other roles to fill, but it’s SUPER important to make sure you find the time to fill your own cup, so that you can keep on being your best in those other parts of your life. And if like me, crafting brings you joy and helps to fill your cup back up, then that’s what you have to make time for.

So, I’m making a list and I’m announcing it here before 2014 begins so you can not only get a glimpse of what might be coming up on Craft Crazy Mama, but maybe you want to make a list too and add some of the projects I’m doing to it?

Of course there’ll be other projects I’ll be doing along the way that aren’t on the list. I know I won’t be able to curb my craft impulsiveness completely, but this is the list of the big stuff I’m going to be working through for 2014, with a topping of other smaller crafts along the way. And I’m not guaranteeing I’ll get through the list either. The list is my intention. The level of completion remains to be seen.

Without further ado then, The 2014 Craft Project List:

  • I-Spy Quilt – Done! Post to come
  • Hello Moon Quilt
  • Hello Sun Quilt – Kind of done. I completed all Hello Sun blocks but decided to combine them with the Hello Moon blocks (uncompleted) instead of doing two separate quilts. Watch this space.
  • Every Day Table RunnerDone!
  • Every Day Place Mats – Done!
  • Christmas Table Runner – Done! Post to come.
  • Christmas Place Mats – Cancelled. I decided we don’t really need these after all.
  • Alphabet Canvas’ For Lil Miss P
  • Felt Quiet Book
  • As yet unplanned Moda Road 15 Charm Pack Quilt – Started but so far from finished.
  • As yet unplanned Moda Noteworthy Charm Pack Quilt
  • Moda S’Mores Quilt
  • Hand quilt recycled shirt quilt
  • Fabric scrap quilt
  • Baby shoes – at least one pair
  • Winter weight crochet crib blanket – Done! Post to come.
  • Summer weight crochet crib blanket – Started. Although I have decided to knit this, instead of crochet.
  • Another driftwood mirror – Started.
  • 12 scrapbook pages for Lil Miss Ps album – I think I did 2? Not a great effort on scrapbooking AT ALL!

I think that list should keep me busy for 2014. Especially with the expected random projects that will pop up in between this lot.

I’m excited about my 2014 craft project list and almost don’t know what to get started on first!

But once I decide, you’ll be the first to know : )

And I’ll be posting a monthly update with all details of how and what I’m making so if you want to see how all these projects turn out, then make sure you are signed up with the box below so you get all the latest updates directly in your inbox.

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