Amigurumi Unicorn

BabyUnicorn2August is mega birthday month at our house.

We have loads of friends and family who celebrate their birthdays in the month of August, and now all of Lil Miss P’s friends from her Plunket group have been added to the birthday list as well!

And it was especially important this year as they each celebrated their 1st birthday.

It’s been so much fun deciding what to buy each child, taking into consideration their individual little personalities.

For one little girl the decision about what to give her was super easy – an amigurumi unicorn.

Earlier in the year her Mum had asked me to make a Lil’ Baby Unicorn she had seen a pattern for. Not being an experienced crafter herself she didn’t want to even try and attempt it.

At the time I had to say no as I was absolutely flooded with other work, including running my own business and starting a new business with my husband, while also being a full time SAHM to Lil Miss P, but a few weeks before my friends little girl’s birthday I decided I had to make it as I knew she would really love it, and nothing else I could think of to buy her would be quite as satisfying to give.

So I got my crochet hook going and this little cutie was ‘born’.

amigurumi unicornAmigurumi Unicorn

BabyUnicorn3(Please excuse the different exposures)

He was created from this pattern by Little Yarn Friends.

And he was pretty easy to make. The hardest part was probably sewing him all together, just right.

I was really pleased with the end product and my friend (mother of the wee girl receiving it) was thrilled when she opened the gift on her little girls birthday.

Hopefully it will be treasured for many years to come.

So Lil’ Baby Unicorn joins Amigurumi Batman as my 2nd hand made gift given this year.

I’m really enjoying making these sorts of things for people I know will appreciate them and will be plotting a few more hand made items to give as Christmas gifts for a few special people.

It feels good to get away from the same-old, same-old store bought stuff and give something that is unique, personal and thoughtful.

Do you give hand made gifts? What’s been the most well received so far?

I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

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