Appliqued Owl Pillow

I know Owls are a little over done in the crafting world, but I still can’t help but love them.

Which is odd, because I’m not really a bird fan. The flapping freaks me out, and the one time I actually got up close and personal with an Owl it was flying within an inch of my head and I could feel the wind of it’s wings in my hair as I dropped for cover, making myself look like an idiot (again) during fully packed bird display.

But I really do think they are beautiful birds, and I love the idea that they’re wise, all knowing and poised with calm and serenity.

Somehow, without intention, Lil Miss P ended up with Owls in her room. Quite a few of them actually.

It kind of got away on me with the wall decals, the cot set and the lamp.

Which is probably why, when I decided to make a pillow for the nursing chair in Lil Miss P’s room, my mind went straight to owls and I ended up doodling this rather messy, not-arty-at-all Owl.

owl applique

Which then ended up as these pattern pieces.

owl applique

owl applique

And eventually ended up as this appliqued owl pillow.

owl appliqueIt’s made entirely from my stash except for the $3.20 zip.

The blanket was given to me from a friend when I found out I was pregnant with Lil Miss P. It was a little stained so I decided not to use it but stashed it knowing it would eventually turn into a pillow.

All of the fabric for the Owl, tree, and birds is from my scrap stash. In fact the Owl’s body is from a $1 shirt from the local Salvation Army that I cut up.

And as you can see, I’ve used the raw edge appliqué technique that is used on the Hello Sun blocks again.

I really enjoy this appliqué technique and it makes it possible for me to actually do appliqué because I just wouldn’t if I only had the option of the other, more traditional style.

I love the black outline, and I probably also have an affinity for this style of appliqué because of how it mirrors the way I doodle and draw my shapes (as seen above). I use a lot of lines to get the general shape I’m looking for. It’s never the first line, or the last line drawn that make my shape, but the collective set of lines that eventually resemble what I’m trying to draw.

Yeah I know, it’s an odd way to draw but I’ve always done it and it gets me there.

Anyway, enough about my strange drawing style. I LOVE how this pillow has turned out. It works so well to lighten the up the dark chair in Lil Miss P’s otherwise light coloured room, and as a great support for my neck and shoulders during those middle of the night feeds.

Lil Miss P seems to approve too. She’s already dribbled on it, cuddled it and sucked the corner to make sure it meets her standards.

I hope she loves it for years to come.

But if she doesn’t, I might have to quietly steal it away for my office.

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