Baby Bibs Galore!

I seem to be in a bit of a craft frenzy right now.

In the early weeks after Lil Miss P arrived I had absolutely no time to craft while I tried to figure out when and how I would work crafting into the schedule of caring for a newborn.

But in the past month or so we seem to have found our groove. Lil Miss P is napping a lot more or is able to entertain herself for short periods, and I’ve had a few more stolen moments to get back into my hobbies.

It’s my little bit of me time.

My release.

And right now I am releasing in all sorts of different ways.

I’m stitching, quilting, sewing, crocheting and scrapbooking! I’ve gone a bit craft ADHD picking up one thing, then flitting to another, and then revisiting another. Right now I have a LOT going on and I’m feeling the love for it all but a project that I recently had the most fun with was making these baby bibs.


I found this pattern and tutorial at Clover and Violet, and loved it as a way to use up some of my fabric scraps.

My fabric scraps stash is growing since I have gone quilt mad so it needed to be reduced and I love that I could make something useful without spending more money on patterned fabrics. I did need to buy some toweling, and pop snaps for fastening the bibs but that was it. And I managed to get my toweling on special so it cost me a whole $.1.60 per bib to make including the pop snaps.

To start out making the bibs I went through my stash and sorted it all into coordinating fabrics.

Then, after cutting out the bib template from I cut the pieces into sizes that would meet the width and length requirements, and started stitching them together into 9″ x 12″ blocks.

Once that was done I just followed the rest of the tutorial to turn those blocks into bibs. I cut the bib out with the template, pinned it to the toweling, sewed around the bib, trimmed the toweling (which sheds like crazy so be prepared for some heavy vacuuming!) and clipped the corners, turned it right way in and then stitched along the seems on the bib to ‘quilt’ it and then around the edge to double seal it.

baby bib patternbaby bib patternbaby bib patternbaby bib pattern

It was super easy and once I had done the first one I was whizzing them up in about half an hour each.

The test of course is if the bibs are actually useful. Some baby bibs don’t absorb much, are too short or too tight around the neck. I made a bib out of scraps of this quilt for a friend’s baby and she was super pleased with it. Apparently it is the most absorbent bib she has used so far, fit’s perfectly and looks cool, so it seems it passed the test.

Lil Miss P is still a few months away from really needing a bit so I have stashed the 9 : / I made away until then. At least I know I’ll never run out, and if I need more, it doesn’t take long to whip them up.





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