The Best Christmas Stocking Ever!

quilted christmas stockingThis Christmas is Lil Miss P’s first Christmas.

And I am SOOOOO excited!

I’ve already bought all her presents, and planned her Christmas outfit.

Christmas is all about the kids for me, no matter how young.

And I want Lil Miss P to grow up with lots of special Christmas memories.

I want her to grow up knowing all our little traditions we’ve started, and to have certain things about Christmas that mean something special to her.

Out of any other celebration through out the year, Christmas is the one most ripe with tradition and opportunity to create lots of home made goodies.

Families through the centuries have made their own ornaments and home decorations. For anyone even slightly crafty, Christmas is when we really start thinking about what unique, homemade item we’ll add to the decoration box this year.

My Christmas craft planning started months ago. I wrote a list of all the Christmas crafts I have in mind to get completed before the big day comes.

The list includes:

  • Quilted Advent Calendar
  • Stitched Christmas Sampler
  • Bird Tree Ornaments
  • Lil Miss P’s First Stocking
  • Christmas Table Runner
  • Christmas Place Mats

Most of those will get done, except for maybe the last two items. I just can’t see them being completed in time so I have mentally shifted them onto next years list.

Besides, if I make everything in one year, what will I make next year?!

Plus I have a big project on the table at the moment which is going to take me a good part of the rest of the year to finish. I will of course tell you more about that later.

But the item that was the most important to get finished before that is Lil Miss P’s First Christmas Stocking.

I know she really won’t have any clue what Christmas is all about this year but it’s important for me for her own stocking right from the start, and to have it be a part of all her childhood Christmas’ to come.

Before I really got crafty I bought the stockings my husband and I, and my step son use. They’re okay. They do the trick. But they’re nothing special.

I won’t replace my step son’s because, out of the three, his is the nicest and, as I said, I like the idea of the kids stockings going right through their lives with them. But I have to say that I am SUPER in love with Lil Miss P’s stocking.

I put it together out of a few different patterns and tutorials from around the internet. The template for the stocking came from, and the style idea and ‘how to’ came from this tutorial at

The fabric is all from the Riley Blake A Merry Little Christmas collection from and I LOVE it.

It was really very simple to put together and the result looks like something you’d pay a lot of money for in a good department store.

It has a quilted front, and back, and is lined with a piece of the beautiful Merry Christmas fabric.

No cheap flimsy stocking for Lil Miss P.

The front was done with the ‘quilt as you go’ method which I’ve never used before but it was so much fun. And it seemed to make it all come together even more quickly. Then I added a ‘P’ monogram on the front with embroidery thread.

quilted christmas stocking

quilted christmas stockingThe back was quilted with a random criss-cross of lines, just to hold it all together.

quilted christmas stockingAnd then it was cut out, with the lining cut to shape too, and sewn together.

quilted christmas stockingWell that’s the easy explanation, but check out that tutorial I listed above to see how it was really done.

I can’t wait to fill it with all the little rattles and toys and scrunchy books that I’ve bought her for Christmas.

If only Lil Miss P knew how fun it’s all going to be in a few years! Until then, I’ll just have to keep getting all giddy with excitement for her.


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