Wood Crate Toy Box Project


wooden crate toy boxMany a moon ago I acquired these wooden boxes.

They came from my (then) work place and were used to ship and store power conductors.

When I originally took possession of them, I had begged for them from our store man so I could use them as planter boxes. I thought I would line them and then grow vege in them right outside our back door.

And I did exactly that and it worked out perfectly. They grew lots of fresh mesculan mix leaves and then the boxes were retired when Winter came.

After that they got used for all sorts of other purposes. Holding bagged plants for sale, storing gardening equipment in, and then eventually just left empty and sitting around the back of the house. I planned to put them apart to make up the bases on some seed trays I had been building but when I got pregnant with Lil Miss P, that project went on the back burner as I didn’t like breathing in the wood dust, or exposing her to the noise of the saws (yes, even before she was born).

Then one day, as I was just wandering the garden, I spotted the boxes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

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2014 Craft Project List

yearI’m a list making kind of girl. I love making a list and checking it twice….. three times…… a dozen times!

I make lists for all sorts of things. Who to send Christmas cards to each year, who to buy presents for, grocery lists, lists of things we need to buy (wants and needs), lists of jobs to do and lists of work I need to complete for my business.

Lists make me feel happy. They keep me organised and I gain a sense of control with lists.

Maybe that makes me a little uptight but I don’t care. It keeps my mind clearer when I have written lists, so I can use the extra mind space to focus on other things.

One thing I don’t normally write a list for though is what crafts I’m going to do. I usually just decide to do my next project as I come across them. If I see a quilt pattern I like, I try it. If I spot a neat idea on Pinterest, I give it a go.

In fact, as I’ve mentioned I’m totally ADHD about my crafting and I will pick up a project as soon as I have the idea, whether I have one or ten other projects going at the time. Then I go through a phase of finishing them all off one by one before I start the whole process again of picking up a bunch of projects and having them all going at once.

I don’t think that will ever change but one thing I am going to do differently this year is to make a list of all the projects I want to do.

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The Best Christmas Stocking Ever!

quilted christmas stockingThis Christmas is Lil Miss P’s first Christmas.

And I am SOOOOO excited!

I’ve already bought all her presents, and planned her Christmas outfit.

Christmas is all about the kids for me, no matter how young.

And I want Lil Miss P to grow up with lots of special Christmas memories.

I want her to grow up knowing all our little traditions we’ve started, and to have certain things about Christmas that mean something special to her.

Out of any other celebration through out the year, Christmas is the one most ripe with tradition and opportunity to create lots of home made goodies.

Families through the centuries have made their own ornaments and home decorations. For anyone even slightly crafty, Christmas is when we really start thinking about what unique, homemade item we’ll add to the decoration box this year.

My Christmas craft planning started months ago. I wrote a list of all the Christmas crafts I have in mind to get completed before the big day comes.

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