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Number Two? 0

Number Two?

Lil Miss P is now 19 months old. Her father is 49 years old. And I’m 38 years old. Time is ticking by fast, we’re all getting older and the pressure is on. The...

6 Week Growth Spurt! 0

6 Week Growth Spurt!

Oh.My.Gosh! I had no idea! It was on about the 3rd visit from my midwife, when I was complaining about how all Lil Miss P wanted to do was feed, that she told me about...

Should Have Ordered The Sleeping Model 0

Should Have Ordered The Sleeping Model

Lil Miss P is just over 3 weeks old now. And I should have known when I decided to procreate with my husband that she would come without the sleep setting. It was written...