Check Out My Socks!

hand dyed yarnOk, I’ll say right up front, I NEVER expected that I would have any interest in knitting myself socks.


Hand knitted socks?

No, not happening.

So clouded was my judgment of hand knitted socks.

To me, they were the held stedfastly in the realm of old ladies with sheepskin lined loafers and hippies.

Socks come in three packs from the store, with bright colours, smooth fabric and, when you’re feeling a bit hip, perfectly measured, matched stripes.

And then I started knitting.

Still, I didn’t imagine I would move into sock territory.

I had my sight set on winter hats, baby jerseys and perhaps the odd scarf/shawl.

But then I discovered the hand dyed yarn community and, among many other things, the socks they were making!

So many awesome colours, so many designs, so much fun to be had!

I started knitting.

Still unconvinced but keen to try a new technique.

A few months earlier I had created my ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ colourway.

hand dyed yarnI decided it was perfect for socks.

Knitting socks has it’s quirks and it’s a bit of a trick to get your head around how it all comes together. There are all sorts of ways you can knit socks with all sorts of different methods you can add in or take away. Toe up, top down. A ton of different heel options and many patterns and designs. All knitted socks are not created equal.

I started with a pretty simple, ribbed sock. There’s a whole load of patterns to get started with on Ravelry so go and check it out if you’re interested.

Even as a sock novice it was reasonably simple to follow the instructions. I did look up how the heel turn should happen on You Tube, just as a point of reference so I knew if I was on track or not, but other than that the instructions were clear and worked as they should.

And it was actually fun.

Because all the rounds are obviously pretty short, it goes quickly and you get to see the different parts come together to create your sock.

I did have a little bit of 2nd sock syndrome (a known issue for sock knitters when you can’t get motivated to knit the 2nd sock because, well you’ve kind of been there done that and feel like you want to move on, not repeat it all), but I eventually picked it back up and got on with it.

I’m pleased I did because if there was one thing that would make knitted socks completely unappealing to me again, it was only having one knitted sock.

But, that’s not the case and I have two hand knitted socks that I’m pretty darn happy with.

They are SO warm, and snug, even if not very fashionable.

They will be at home socks. Sitting in front of the fire socks. They clash with everything I own, but I love them anyway socks.

There will be more, purely because I thoroughly enjoyed knitting them.

And, the bonus of this project is that it’s one of my 2015 Craft Projects items – ‘Knit 1 Pair of Socks’.


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