It’s important that I put this out there, so as not to mislead anyone.

I am a crafter, I’m not a pattern designer.

With scrapbooking and quilting I can bring together my own original plans and designs. I’ve got a pretty good eye for colour and layout having been in the design industry for a short while.

But when it comes to crochet, I couldn’t design my own pattern to save myself.

I have no idea how to bring together the right number or type of stitches to create what I want.

I can ad lib a little, and adjust things if needed, but I certainly don’t have the crochet skills yet to create a pattern myself.

I’m also pretty hopeless at designing any kind of sewing project from scratch.

Again, I can add things in and make some adjustments to suit what I’m trying to create, but the bones of it need to come from someone else’s brain.

And so as to remain squeaky clean, and to lead you in their direction so you can also make their fancy designs, I will always link to the site where I originally came across the pattern.

If I’ve altered the pattern at all or made my own additions to it, I’ll let you know.

Likewise, if I do get my inspiration for a quilt or scrapbook page from another source, I will let you know on that too.

It’s important to me that I respect my fellow bloggers and crafters, and that I attribute credit to their work, so if I’ve used a pattern you created and not credited you for it, please email me at rachael at craftcrazymama dot com and I will put that right straight away.

And if I forget to say where or how I came up with a craft design here, just email me at the same address as above and I will let you know if it’s one of mine, or borrowed from somewhere else.