Fabric Heaven

Hi, my name is Rachael, and I am an addict.

A fabric addict that is.

I can’t get enough of it. I spend hours looking through pages and pages of fabrics and no matter how often I tell myself I’m not going to order any more fabric, I always order more fabric.

There are just so many possibilities! So many colours and patterns that I love. I’m intoxicated by all the choice and next minute, my credit card is getting another pounding.

And that’s exactly what happened a week or so ago. I went on to Fabric.com ‘just to have a look’ and ended up ordering Christmas fabric, 3 soft book panels and a matching jelly roll and charm pack.


It’s lucky my husband and I have settled on an agreement that serves us both. He gets a monthly golf membership, and I get fabric money. We’re pretty frugal on most other things and don’t go out a lot or drink, smoke or gamble, so we figure this expenditure is our little reward for all our hard work.

And I do have plans for all of this fabric.

The Christmas fabric is to make Lil Miss P’s first Christmas stocking, the bright red fabric with stars is for a stitched Christmas banner I’m making, the soft books are for Lil Miss P’s Christmas present and the jelly roll and charm pack are for another family quilt.

Because you can never have too many quilts, right?

So it’s all for good use.

And if course I’ll be showing you all the finished products here when I’m done, so I can kind of consider my fabric purchases work, if I want to stretch reality a little ; )

Now I just need to find more hours in every day to get everything I want to make, made.

That’s definitely he hardest part in all my crafting lately.

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