Happy Mother’s Day

kaisercraft photo framesMother’s Day!

A special day for celebrating all the amazing, wonderful Mothers in the world. Mother’s of human babies, fur babies, and babies that sadly never were.

This Mother’s Day I wanted to make my Mum an alternative to the usual paper greeting card, that I’m sure inevitably ends up in the bin.

My Mum had mentioned that all she wanted as a Mother’s Day gift this year was a particular picture of Lil Miss P that she loves, so I decided to incorporate the picture into a special, more permanent kind of card.

Using a laser cut frame and my long neglected scrapbooking supplies, I created the picture frame/card above.

I’m a little rusty on my paper crafting, so it’s not as perfectly or elaborately styled as it could have been, but I think it’s come out pretty well.

The frame I used was bought from a local craft expo in our city, but Kaisercraft also do a great range of photo frames for you to fancy up.

Like this cute guy:

Or this simple frame set:

Or this lovely Family frame:

With a few pieces of good quality scrapbooking paper, paint, embellishments and your favourite photos it’s so easy to make a really lovely, treasured display piece.

Make your next gift a special one by getting crafty. Yes, it takes a little more time, but the end result is so worth it and much more personal and special.

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