Hello Sun January Block

It’s begun!

The very first project of my 2014 Craft Project List has been started.

It’s taken me a few weeks to get going on my list. For some strange reason as soon as I published it I thought up a whole heap of other craft projects that I wanted to do. I mentioned in the 2014 Craft Project List post that I knew I would end up doing plenty of other things, not on the list. But I didn’t expect them to all come tumbling into my mind the minute I committed to a set list of projects to tackle.

There’s probably some weird psychological reason for that but I never ended up studying psychology like I planned to so I don’t know what it is.

All I know is that I finally started my first official 2014 project, which is exciting.

I decided to start by doing one of the items on my list which I’ve wanted to do for ages.

The Hello Sun Quilt blocks.

Hello Sun QuiltThese block designs were originally published by April Mae Designs as a block of the month quilt along. I couldn’t take part in the quilt along at the time but I knew that I would eventually want to make my own Hello Sun Quilt so I stashed the patterns away for a rainy day, and in the middle of a Southern Summer (which to be fair has been quite rainy) I finally got them back out and with quilt shop vouchers I got for Christmas, I went fabric shopping.

One of the cool thing about making these Hello Sun blocks is that they use a mixture of new and scrap fabrics. I bought 8 new fabrics (1 for the backgrounds and 7 for the sun as per the instructions) and then the rest of the parts will come from my scrap bins.

It was so much fun hunting through for just the right colour or pattern from my growing pile of fabric scraps, and then cutting out all the shapes and piecing it together.

The blocks also each have a mix of hand stitching and machine stitching but, for me, the most fun was the machine stitching.

Applique has always been a bit daunting to me. I worry about stitching things on with a perfect stitch in the perfect place but this pattern doesn’t require that. In fact wavy lines are all part of the charm.

As you can see on my Hello Sun January block above, the lines are pretty roughly stitched. I just love how it looks and it makes it super easy for anyone to do. No fancy machine or stitch required.

There’s only one downside to this project.

I had so much fun making the January block that now I want to keep going and make all the others!

But I’ve decided to do this project a block a month, as per the original release of these patterns, so I have to be patient.

Sadly patience is not one of my strongest attributes when it comes to holding back on crafting but I’m going to try my best to wait it out.

But now that I have to wait until February to do my next block, what project from my list will I start next?


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