Lil Miss P’s Scrapbook Begins

As much as I wanted to, I didn’t get around to doing any scrapbooking of Lil Miss P’s journey before she arrived.

I took lots of notes, and the cliché progress pictures of my bump, plus I have printed copies of all our scan pictures, but they just never made it the next step onto scrapbook pages.

I was more consumed with crochet, and quilting for my new little girl.

It felt more useful to create more blankets than she would ever need, and random objects for her room like bunting and balls.

Maybe that was part of the nesting instinct?

But scrapbooking just didn’t really feature.

Which is kind of odd because nearly every other event in my life gets added to the scrapbooks as soon as I have time.

Well today I ended my scrap booking sabbatical.

 scrap booking

I was looking through the photos we have taken since Lil Miss P arrived, and then found some older photos I had taken of my positive pregnancy test, and our first scan picture, in the Christmas tree.

We found out I was pregnant just before Christmas last year, and it was the best present we could have asked for.

We had no idea whether this pregnancy would progress further than our previous pregnancies (I lost 2 babies prior) but we just couldn’t help celebrate another chance.

I remember that feeling of being so hopeful, and so scared at the same time.

I remember seeing that little dot on the scan and bursting into tears and loving her (it) the minute I saw she was there.

It seems forever ago now.

And yet it seems like just yesterday she was just a hope, and now she’s here.

I think part of the reason I didn’t get busy scrap booking Lil Miss P’s journey to us was because of the fear. The fear that by documenting her journey I would get too heavily invested. The fear that by starting to make her life real on paper, would just make it more heartbreaking if we were to lose her too.

It seemed foolish and premature to start recording a life that might slip away from us as the others had.

And it seemed almost like tempting fate.

But now she’s here, and her little life has just begun.

Which means there are so many moments to capture, so many stories to record.

I can’t wait to really get going now and document all the steps we’ve already taken together.

I can’t wait to scrap all the steps that she is yet to take, and all the simple things that will make up her sweet precious life.

I can’t wait to watch her look through the albums, like my step son does, and see parts of her story preserved in time.

So, page one is done.

Page one of far too many pages I imagine…..

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