Awesome Nappy/Diaper Bag Come Stroller Bag

nappy/diaper bagNow that Lil Miss P is a bit older, I have to carry so much more ‘stuff’ with me every time we leave the house.

I thought a newborn needed lots of stuff, but once toys come into the mix, one of everything has to go with you with every outing.

Which is fine, but it wasn’t when I had my old nappy/diaper bag.

It was too small, didn’t have enough pockets, and it would always end up half emptied and thrown into the stroller carry basket.

So I went on the hunt for a new bag. Something a little bit cool but with pockets and space so as to also be practical. It needed to be a bag I could use for the next few years without out growing it.

A quick visit to the baby store and my mind quickly changed about how much I wanted a new bag. SOOO expensive! For a nappy bag!!

I was momentarily put off but, as often happens when the cost of buying something outweighs my burning desire for it, I decided to look into making my own bag.

Now apart from the nappy/diaper basket I recently made, I’ve never made a proper bag before. I imagined it would be quite difficult.

That was until I found the AWESOME 2 In 1 Stroller Bag tutorial on Make It & Love It.

nappy/diaper bagThis bag is just the kind of thing I was looking for.  Spacious, versatile, and cool.

And the tutorial was so easy to follow, with all the directions you need, so it didn’t take long to bring it all together into my own version.

nappy bag

I made a few adjustments to the instructions to make the bag suit even more perfectly. I added internal pockets, 1 divided in 2 so it had a pocket wide enough for wipes and nappies and a slimmer pocket next to it for my phone on the inner front. And then on the inner back I divided another long pocket into two for miscellaneous items like keys, dummies, lipgloss etc. On the inner left side of the bag I made a little pocket that I could tuck the long shoulder strap (folded) into when the bag was used hanging on the stroller. I didn’t like the idea of just stuffing it inside the bag to get all tangled up and wanted to hide it away nicely.

Oh, and I used magnetic snaps on the front, instead of velcro. The thought of trying to open the bag quietly while Lil Miss P slept in the stroller or in the car well and truly convinced me on that change.

Otherwise, I followed the pattern as given and got my awesome new bag!

nappy/diaper bag

The best part is that not only do I love it and couldn’t wait to use it, but it cost me less than $50 NZD to make. A LOT cheaper than a store bought bag with half the appeal or functionality.

I think this bag will become a top contender on my baby gifts list for any friends or family having babies in years to come. It’s easy enough to make, and it’s the perfect customisable gift.

Next on my project list is to make a change mat clutch and a wet bag in matching fabrics to put inside. I just love the idea of everything being organised and matching. Even if it is only for dirty nappies ; )

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