I-Spy Quilt

i-spy quiltWhen I found out I was pregnant with Lil Miss P, one of the many crafts I immersed myself in was making playmats/quilts.

Being well aware that a baby spends a lot of time on the floor in their first year I wanted to have lots of bright, soft and interesting quilts for Lil Miss P to play on and lie on.

One of the designs I was really keen to put together was an I-Spy quilt. I loved the idea of having a playmat/quilt with lots of different images and shapes and patterns for her to look at while spending time on the floor.

Plus an I-Spy quilt isn’t just a lovely thing to look at, it’s also an educational quilt as children learn to identify patterns, animals, numbers, letters, colours and so on. There’s something special about the idea of helping them to learn to articulate what they’re seeing in a fun way with something hand made with love.

So, with my mission in hand, off I went to the monster online catalogue of craft ideas – Pinterest.

I searched I-Spy quilts and found quite a few ideas.

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Happy Mother’s Day

kaisercraft photo framesMother’s Day!

A special day for celebrating all the amazing, wonderful Mothers in the world. Mother’s of human babies, fur babies, and babies that sadly never were.

This Mother’s Day I wanted to make my Mum an alternative to the usual paper greeting card, that I’m sure inevitably ends up in the bin.

My Mum had mentioned that all she wanted as a Mother’s Day gift this year was a particular picture of Lil Miss P that she loves, so I decided to incorporate the picture into a special, more permanent kind of card.

Using a laser cut frame and my long neglected scrapbooking supplies, I created the picture frame/card above.

I’m a little rusty on my paper crafting, so it’s not as perfectly or elaborately styled as it could have been, but I think it’s come out pretty well.

The frame I used was bought from a local craft expo in our city, but Kaisercraft also do a great range of photo frames for you to fancy up. [Read more…]

Check Out My Socks!

hand dyed yarnOk, I’ll say right up front, I NEVER expected that I would have any interest in knitting myself socks.


Hand knitted socks?

No, not happening.

So clouded was my judgment of hand knitted socks.

To me, they were the held stedfastly in the realm of old ladies with sheepskin lined loafers and hippies.

Socks come in three packs from the store, with bright colours, smooth fabric and, when you’re feeling a bit hip, perfectly measured, matched stripes.

And then I started knitting.

Still, I didn’t imagine I would move into sock territory.

I had my sight set on winter hats, baby jerseys and perhaps the odd scarf/shawl.

But then I discovered the hand dyed yarn community and, among many other things, the socks they were making!

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