2015 Craft Project List

2015I’m almost loathe to do this again, after I failed pretty miserably on completing last years list, but I’m going to try again anyway.

In 2014 I published my first Craft Project List for the year.

I made a mistake with that list.

I was OVERLY ambitious, considering I have a small child and 3 businesses to run, but I still had hope that I would find the time I needed to do all the things I wanted.

And then reality hit.

Life got busy.

Everything else needed doing and the housework and gardening don’t do themselves!

And it turns out that children need a LOT of attention! ; )

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Number Two?

Lil Miss P is now 19 months old.

Her father is 49 years old.

And I’m 38 years old.

Time is ticking by fast, we’re all getting older and the pressure is on.

The pressure for baby number 2.

It’s a pressure that brings so many emotions and fears for us. As well as a lot of hope and excitement.

Getting to motherhood wasn’t an easy journey for me.

I can’t conceive without help, and my body struggles to carry a child.

So far I have had five pregnancies, and one birth.

Lil Miss P was a miracle for us. She came to us against the odds.

Hoping for another miracle is scary and feels a little unrealistic.

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12 Days of Xmas – Christmas Crafts

christmas craftsChristmas is nearly here.

And I LOVE Christmas!

I don’t love trying to fit in time for shopping or the crowds and craziness of other shoppers, but I love the Christmas spirit and celebrating Christmas.

On the 1st day of December our tree and decorations go up. Every year it’s so exciting to me to get all of the decorations out and place them around the house.

I especially love opening up all of our hand made decorations again.

For many years I’ve made home made Christmas ornaments or decorations and added them to our collection. Most of them have become my favourite decorations of everything we display each year.

This years new addition to the collection is the 12 Days of Christmas wall hanging I finished earlier in the year.

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