Quilt Catchup

I recently realised that there are a few quilts that I haven’t posted about here, because they were made before I started blogging at Craft Crazy Mama.

Rather than bore you with a post for each quilt, I thought I’d just do a quick catch up of the few quilts that have never had their story told here.

It’s quicker (for me and you) and it still get’s them out there for anyone who likes to see finished quilts.

Each of the quilts below represent a different quilting first for me. I mention what they are below so, without any further fanfare, here’s a few of my previously completed projects.

Kiwiana Quilt

new zealand quiltThis quilt was made for my step son and his Mum.

The ‘first’ for me with this quilt is that it was the first themed quilt I attempted to make. I wanted to make a quilt with a Kiwi/New Zealand theme as a reminder of their time in New Zealand (they live in the UK) but I was worried about it being too tacky and ending up hidden away in a cupboard never to be seen again.

The pattern came from a sketch I made and adjusted as I went using graph paper and a lot of mental calculation.

When I started the quilt I didn’t feel any attachment to it because of the strong theme of it. I’m not a big fan of heavily themed quilts like this one and this one.

But once it was finished I confess that I didn’t want to send it : / I loved it.

I still look at this picture and wish I had a quilt just like it. But I can’t bring myself to actually make another one either.

My comfort is knowing how much my step son and his Mum (one of my best friends now) loved receiving it.

Tree of Life

This quilt was one of the first I made for Lil Miss P.

tree quiltIt was made from a panel piece (my first time using a panel) I found at a local craft store, and a few coordinating fabrics.

I thought using a printed panel would make things easier, but it actually presented a few challenges. For one, the panel had no allowance for the binding and how on earth would I quilt it!!!

I knew I wanted to highlight the tree so I started there and quilted it with a combination of machine stitching around the tree and then hand stitching around the leaves.

Then the dilemma was whether I needed to quilt the large plain area, or not. And if I did quilt it, what pattern would I use?

After consulting a few quilty friends I finally settled on doing a stippled pattern. It was a little scary because it was my first attempt at free motion quilting (another first), and it’s not perfect by any means, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself while doing it, once I got going.

tree quiltThe last point I needed to sort out what whether the life motto boxes around the edge needed to be quilted. I was concerned about the batting being left in a ‘tube’ where it might eventually come away and slip down after a few washes so I decided it needed to be quilted to fix it. I went back to my hand stitching for the boxes so it was subtle but still practical.

I’m pleased with the end product but I probably wouldn’t use a single panel to make a quilt again. Although there are some lovely ones out there, it was actually more restrictive than I thought it would be and I much prefer starting from scratch and piecing my quilt tops together.

Candy Quilt

quiltingWe call this the candy quilt because of all the candy like colours.

It’s actually called So Sweet and it’s a pattern by Clares Place.

This quilt was another first because it was my first time using a printed pattern from start to finish.

Using a pattern should have made things super easy and trouble free but I have to say that this quilt ended up being a bit of a thorn in my side and took me a lot longer than it should have to finish. The pattern was really easy to follow and the top was completed reasonably quickly but then I got stuck on deciding what to do about the the backing and the quilting and it really did just haunt me until I eventually locked myself away and got on with it.

Since it’s been finished, it’s ended up being one of our most used quilts. I love how this quilt has washed up and it has a really nice weight to it. It was also the perfect size for Lil Miss P to play on before she could crawl and it’s a great size for wrapping yourself in when you want to snuggle on the couch. And now that it’s Winter here, it’s folded in half on my side of the bed and keeps me that little bit warmer at night.


This picture makes the quilt look wonky but I promise it’s not. Just an awkward hanging.

So, that’s my catch up on a few quilts that have been completed but never featured, until now.

There are more tops needing to be turned into quilts waiting in the wings and, one day, they’ll have their big reveal moment on here too.

I have to get through my 2014 Craft Project List first though, and all the other shiny projects that distract me along the way so I won’t make any promises about when but it will happen : )

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