Advent Calendar Quilt

I know Christmas is over, but I really want to show you a Christmas craft I completed, but didn’t get a chance to share before now.

The build up to Christmas was CRAZY!!

Not so much because of all the presents to buy and the planning to do for the big day (although that obviously took some time too) but more because Lil Miss P hit the most hideous patch and I’ve been running myself ragged trying to get some sleep and to entertain a baby who is no longer happy just lying or sitting around and keeps rolling over and then crying and wanting to crawl and and and!!!! Well you get the picture.

Lil Miss P’s latest milestone is wearing us both out and I just didn’t have the time, or the inclination once she was in bed, to get this post done before Christmas.

So I’m doing it late but, hey, better late than never.

Anyway, I made this Advent Calendar quilt!

quilted advent calendarApologies for the awful picture. I have no real excuse.

There’s a bit of a story regarding why I decided to make this awesome Christmas decoration. It definitely wasn’t in my original Christmas crafting plans.

I’m part of an online group of new Mums who discuss all things crafty. It’s a place where we kind of leave our title of motherhood at the door and focus instead on what we’ve been doing with our minimal amount of spare time.

As part of the pre-Christmas chatter we were talking about what Christmas crafts we were making. Another member said she wanted to make a quilted advent calendar but felt like she needed support to not only keep her accountable so it would actually get done, but also because she wanted someone to bounce ideas off. So I volunteered to do a ‘quilt along’ with her and she posted this link at Sew Mama Sew and this Flickr discussion of what she wanted to make. Once I saw it I was SOOOO happy I’d decided to join her.

I couldn’t wait to get started.

The great thing was that I’d already purchased the Riley Blake A Merry Christmas collection from and although I already had plans for it, I would still have enough fabric to make the advent calendar too. I also already had the green fabric for the numbers and enough spare batting which meant all I had to buy was 2 metres of basic white cotton fabric for the sashing and backing and a .3 of a metre of fabric for the binding. So it made it cheap to make, in a round about way, kinda, sorta, ish ; )

And it wasn’t difficult.

I won’t go into all the details of how to make it because the first link about is a full tutorial in PDF format and is all you need to make your own, but I promise it’s fun and, even if you’re a complete newbie quilter, super simple.

My biggest challenge was working out what kind of quilting to do. I originally started with simple straight line quilting along the horizontal and vertical margins of the pockets but I wasn’t thrilled with how it looked so unpicked it all. Then I wanted to do pebble quilting, but the sashing area was too small for it to really be effective (in my opinion) so eventually settled on doing a simple loop-di-loop pattern and I think it works well.

The only other challenge was making sure it was completed in time, especially since we didn’t start it until mid November. I got there in the final hour, although I was literally hand sewing the back of my binding on the night of November 30th.

I absolutely love how this advent calendar quilt has turned out and I have to say it’s knocked the advent calendar that I made a few years ago (below) off it’s perch as far as being the primary advent calendar. I’ll still get it out each year but I need to think about what I can put in those tiny boxes to make it fun and useful. Any ideas are most appreciated.

advent calendar quilt

So, I know it’s a little early to even think about starting next year’s Christmas crafts but if you want a really beautiful advent calendar that actually is as much an art piece as a functional decoration, then bookmark this page and come on back towards the end of 2014 and make your own. I’ll send out a little reminder too so sign up below if you want to get that reminder directly in your email inbox.

And now, Christmas crafting is over for another year.

I didn’t get my Christmas craft list completed but that’s ok. It just gives me something to get on with in 2014.

Now that’s planning ahead!!

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  1. I’m so glad you joined me in making the quilted advent calendar. It was really nice having someone to chat with about the project, and I’m excited that we both finished in time, even though we started them so late!

    • dosomework says:

      It was awesome doing this with you Jen. LOVED having you to discuss ideas with and also see your progress. You made a GORGEOUS calendar. Looking forward to our 2014 Challenge : )

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