Quilted Change Mat

quilted change mat

About a week ago, I got clearance to start driving again after my emergency c-section.

I’ve been pretty much house bound for 6 weeks while I recover, which has been both lovely for bonding with Lil Miss P, but also a little boring at times.

So now that I’m allowed to drive, Lil Miss P and I can get out and about!

We had one of our first outings late last week when I needed to go to the mall to buy a new phone. My old one got run over. Don’t ask.

With Lil Miss P dressed up all warm, I wrangled her and everything she would need in an emergency (i.e. mega tail end explosion) into the car and off we went.

At the mall I front packed her and she dozed away while I got my jobs done.

Then it was time to feed and change her before we left to drive home.

The malls here have pretty good baby rooms so we went into one and I fed, then went to change Lil Miss P.

As I lay her down on the specially scooped bench I realised I didn’t want her lying directly on the surface, but I hadn’t brought a change mat with me. In fact I didn’t even own one!

I managed to work through it by lying her on my jacket (which was risky knowing what could go down – or out) then decided that our next stop would be to buy a change mat for future outings.

We went to the local baby store and Oh.My.Gosh! $50 for a change mat! Seriously?!

I refused to pay that much for a bit of waterproof material for my child to lie on for 5 minutes and hatched a plan.

I would make one.

So instead of handing my cash over at the baby store, it got handed over in a much smaller denomination at the closest fabric store.

I paid a mere $7 for 1 metre of water proof fabric. The only catch was that they only had black, navy or red so my dreams of a girly, pink change mat quickly went out the window.

The rest of the supplies I could pull together from what I had already at home, including left over fabric from a coordinating bundle I had bought when I first started quilting, in yellow, white and black. It would work just fine with the black waterproof fabric I had picked.

I decided I wanted to go with a patchwork look, so I cut my fabric into 6 inch squares.

Then it was time to do my usual juggle and switch to get the perfect layout.

quilted change matAnd when I had fussed enough I stitched it all together.

quilted change matThen I sandwiched my batting and waterproof backing and basted it all together ready for quilting.

quilted change mat

I decided on a simple criss-cross quilting pattern, to offset the squares. And because it’s easy and I like the criss-cross quilted look on the plain backing. I could also have stitched a square pattern which would have been quite nice. If I make another one of these (which I might do, as a gift) I think I’ll try the square look, stitching 1/4″ from each side of the seams, horizontally and vertically.

When the quilting was done all I needed to do was add the binding and it would be ready to use.

I had a perfect piece of scrap fabric for this and it JUST provided the right amount of binding.

For the first time, I decided to do machine binding.

I wanted this change mat to come together quickly and easily (hence the simple quilting as well) and didn’t want to hand stitch my binding. Also, I didn’t think it would be the right look for this piece. In my mind the hand stitching is more for proper quilts.

I’ve never done machine binding before and wasn’t completely sure on how to go about it but I did it the way I thought it would be done and it worked out perfectly. I’ll check out a few You Tube videos on machine binding before I do it again, but it’s not that complicated so I think I figured it out.

quilted change mat


The picture doesn’t really do it justice. It looks great!

But how would I keep it all folded in my baby bag? I don’t want to just stuff it in there each time.

I played with the idea of using domes but they probably wouldn’t have gone through all the layers of fabric and batting, so I came up with the plan to use an elastic wrap. Again, I had a scrap piece of elastic that I had taken out of the waist band of a pair of pants I was throwing away (always take what you can from old clothes before you chuck them out – buttons, elastic etc).

I carefully stitched the elastic in the right place and voila! A carefully folded and secured quilted change mat.

quilted change matThis really was a very simple and quick project. Heck, I got it made in the brief half hour naps my newborn takes and it was done in 1 day.

It also cost me much less than a store bought change mat. $7 for the backing, 1 batting offcut, and leftover fabric.

I don’t count my time when I make something like this as I would be crafting anyway so, to me, that doesn’t come into it.

You can easily make this with all your scraps, bringing together a patchwork top and stitching together any spare offcuts of batting, so it really doesn’t have to cost much at all.

So don’t throw down your hard earned cash for a mass produced, over priced change mat.

Make something unique, cheap and stitched together with love. 



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