Quilted Table Runner

quilted table runnerIt’s all very good and well buying a HUGE table to fill your dining area, but it’s a whole other thing trying to find runners and table cloths to cover it. 

A year or so ago, just before Lil Miss P was born, we purchased a 10 seater dinning table to replace our old one. The old table had seen better days and had been through two home builds (including being used as the builders place to stash tools and plans) and one earthquake repair process, shoved aside and once again covered in debris and dust.

Add to that the abuse one little boy can inflict on a table with paints and food and sharp objects and the table was well and truly past it’s best.

So, after more than 4 years of looking for the perfect table, we finally found a lovely 3 metre long, solid oak table, made right here in our home city.

It’s perfect for our family and has become the real hub of our house. It’s normally covered in all sorts of ‘goings on’ and we’re all often found perched there for a lot more time than just our usual meal times.

We love the table, but it’s impossible to furnish because it’s soooo long.

I toyed with just leaving it bare, but after a few hot mugs were put down on the bare wood despite almost begging the boys to use coasters, I knew I had to find something to help protect our investment.

With nothing store bought fitting the table, what’s left to do then, but make a custom quilted table runner?

At the recent Quilt Fair I had picked up a jelly roll of gorgeous abstract fabrics. I didn’t know what I’d use them for at the time but once I got thinking about a custom table runner, they quickly popped into my mind as the perfect choice for this project. Mostly precut, ready to go, and contemperary enough to look modern on the table once put all together.

With a quick slice in half lengthways, and then a trim to width I had 40 strips ready to sew together.

I wasn’t getting fancy and it was a quick, easy table runner top construction.

What wasn’t so easy, and I never find it so, is stitching in the ditch.

I didn’t want any obvious quilting pattern to show on the table runner so I decided to quilt in the ditch and even though it’s just straight lines, it always takes me longer to get just right than if I was free motion quilting or quilting straight lines but with a margin. I always end up unpicking some of the quilting and doing it again because I’ve veered ever so slightly off course somewhere.

And then I’m always reminded that I really need to get a ditch quiliting foot for my machine to make the whole process a little bit easier.

One day ………

It got done though and if you didn’t know about the few little mistakes that I made, you wouldn’t notice them at all.

I do though, of course.

But I have a nice new quilted table runner and I have to say that I love it.


Even though the colours are a different combo than I would normally put together, the runner as a whole really suits our style and it’s been fabulous to just leave laid out on the table so we don’t have to worry about putting hot drinks down or getting out multiple place mats to put a spread of hot dishes on. I’d much rather wash up a table runner every so often than have our brand new table get marked.

The other great thing is that making this table runner was one of my 2014 Craft Project Goals so I’m even happier that it’s done. I can acutally mark something off the list as being complete! Yay!

You’ll see in another post (coming soon) that this is one of only a few projects that I’ve acutally managed to get done in betwen all my other craft distrations. I’m going to have a very busy 2nd half of the year trying to do all the other projects I haven’t started yet!

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