Advent Calendar Quilt

I know Christmas is over, but I really want to show you a Christmas craft I completed, but didn’t get a chance to share before now.

The build up to Christmas was CRAZY!!

Not so much because of all the presents to buy and the planning to do for the big day (although that obviously took some time too) but more because Lil Miss P hit the most hideous patch and I’ve been running myself ragged trying to get some sleep and to entertain a baby who is no longer happy just lying or sitting around and keeps rolling over and then crying and wanting to crawl and and and!!!! Well you get the picture.

Lil Miss P’s latest milestone is wearing us both out and I just didn’t have the time, or the inclination once she was in bed, to get this post done before Christmas.

So I’m doing it late but, hey, better late than never.

Anyway, I made this Advent Calendar quilt!

quilted advent calendarApologies for the awful picture. I have no real excuse.

There’s a bit of a story regarding why I decided to make this awesome Christmas decoration. It definitely wasn’t in my original Christmas crafting plans.

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