Appliqued Owl Pillow

I know Owls are a little over done in the crafting world, but I still can’t help but love them.

Which is odd, because I’m not really a bird fan. The flapping freaks me out, and the one time I actually got up close and personal with an Owl it was flying within an inch of my head and I could feel the wind of it’s wings in my hair as I dropped for cover, making myself look like an idiot (again) during fully packed bird display.

But I really do think they are beautiful birds, and I love the idea that they’re wise, all knowing and poised with calm and serenity.

Somehow, without intention, Lil Miss P ended up with Owls in her room. Quite a few of them actually.

It kind of got away on me with the wall decals, the cot set and the lamp.

Which is probably why, when I decided to make a pillow for the nursing chair in Lil Miss P’s room, my mind went straight to owls and I ended up doodling¬†this rather messy, not-arty-at-all Owl.

owl applique

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Hello Sun February Block

I’m a little late posting this.¬†Just a few days but still……

I have no excuse, other than the fact that I finished this project a week or two ago and then happily tucked it away in it’s protective envelope SO pleased with how it turned out.

Then Lil Miss P grabbed my attention and I got on with being a Mummy and then flitted off to start my next project and forgot all about posting an update.

What kind of blogger am I? I hang my head in shame.


Anyway, I’m here now. And so is this!

hello sun quilt block

My Hello Sun February Block.

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