Wood Crate Toy Box Project


wooden crate toy boxMany a moon ago I acquired these wooden boxes.

They came from my (then) work place and were used to ship and store power conductors.

When I originally took possession of them, I had begged for them from our store man so I could use them as planter boxes. I thought I would line them and then grow vege in them right outside our back door.

And I did exactly that and it worked out perfectly. They grew lots of fresh mesculan mix leaves and then the boxes were retired when Winter came.

After that they got used for all sorts of other purposes. Holding bagged plants for sale, storing gardening equipment in, and then eventually just left empty and sitting around the back of the house. I planned to put them apart to make up the bases on some seed trays I had been building but when I got pregnant with Lil Miss P, that project went on the back burner as I didn’t like breathing in the wood dust, or exposing her to the noise of the saws (yes, even before she was born).

Then one day, as I was just wandering the garden, I spotted the boxes and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

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