Awesome Nappy/Diaper Bag Come Stroller Bag

nappy/diaper bagNow that Lil Miss P is a bit older, I have to carry so much more ‘stuff’ with me every time we leave the house.

I thought a newborn needed lots of stuff, but once toys come into the mix, one of everything has to go with you with every outing.

Which is fine, but it wasn’t when I had my old nappy/diaper bag.

It was too small, didn’t have enough pockets, and it would always end up half emptied and thrown into the stroller carry basket.

So I went on the hunt for a new bag. Something a little bit cool but with pockets and space so as to also be practical. It needed to be a bag I could use for the next few years without out growing it.

A quick visit to the baby store and my mind quickly changed about how much I wanted a new bag. SOOO expensive! For a nappy bag!!

I was momentarily put off but, as often happens when the cost of buying something outweighs my burning desire for it, I decided to look into making my own bag.

Now apart from the nappy/diaper basket I recently made, I’ve never made a proper bag before. I imagined it would be quite difficult.

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Nappy/Diaper Basket

It’s almost enough to make me cry but the day has come when Lil Miss P no longer fits on her change table.

It only seems like yesterday (the cry of mothers worldwide) that she was a newborn, lying there small and fragile as can be, patiently being changed.

Now she is a big long girl (in the 95th percentile for height) and far too wiggly and quick moving to be high up on a change table.

So out it went from her room, and we now do all her changes on the floor on a change mat.

Which I actually prefer now because I’m not that tall myself, and the height of the change table was always a little awkward for me.

The problem is though, that I had no where to store all the bits and pieces that were on the change table shelf. The nappies, and wipes and the little tubes of creams.

I needed a new organisation space.

But I wanted something cute, something that I would be happy to leave out for quick access.

It also needed to be something compact and easily grabable so I could bring it out into the living area when it’s just family home and a quick change is required in between play times.

I had a scoot around the internet, as you do, and came across a few ideas but nothing quite right.

So I decided to have  play around with the bones of a pretty well used pattern but make it into exactly how I wanted it.

diaper basket

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