Crochet Bunting

Lil Miss P came into the world 3 weeks ago and prior to her arrival I crocheted and quilted up a storm.

I had all sorts of projects I wanted to do for her, and I managed to get most of them finished, except for this bunting that I found the pattern for at and had started just before I went into hospital.

crochet bunting

The great thing is that, after we got home from the hospital, this project was actually quite a good one to carry on with in the tiny, few stolen moments when my newborn babe didn’t need me and I was resting on the couch recovering from my c-section.

Each flag only takes a very short time to complete, and the letters are even quicker.

The flags also didn’t require too much thinking in terms of counting or changes in stitch type as they are just the same stitch (double crochet) back and forward with the only variation being 2 x double crochet in the first and last stitch of each row.


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