6 Week Growth Spurt!

6 week growth spurtOh.My.Gosh! I had no idea!

It was on about the 3rd visit from my midwife, when I was complaining about how all Lil Miss P wanted to do was feed, that she told me about the (reasonably) predictable growth spurt marks – 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks etc.

Obviously it makes sense that babies go through a period of increased and rapid growth, I just didn’t know when or that they were so discernible and challenging.

We had already hit the 3 week growth spurt at that stage it seemed, and the lack of sleep and the cluster feeding was the giveaway to what was going on according to my midwife.

So she warned me, ‘they keep coming too!’.

And then I started seeing people mention on one of the online groups I belong to how the 6 week growth spurt is even more brutal.

I took this information in, somewhat casually, feeling like 6 weeks was so far away.

See, at 3 weeks I was just praying for that 6 week milestone that they say turns everything around for newborns.

I wasn’t really considering the growth spurt that might have to happen first.

But now that we’re here, it’s all consuming.

Lil Miss P has done nothing but feed, fuss and want to be held for 2 days now.

There’s no sleep in the day and there’s no carefree, relaxed baby to be seen. Just a fussy, hungry, overtired and frantic baby.

It’s a lot to deal with.

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