Quilted Change Mat

quilted change mat

About a week ago, I got clearance to start driving again after my emergency c-section.

I’ve been pretty much house bound for 6 weeks while I recover, which has been both lovely for bonding with Lil Miss P, but also a little boring at times.

So now that I’m allowed to drive, Lil Miss P and I can get out and about!

We had one of our first outings late last week when I needed to go to the mall to buy a new phone. My old one got run over. Don’t ask.

With Lil Miss P dressed up all warm, I wrangled her and everything she would need in an emergency (i.e. mega tail end explosion) into the car and off we went.

At the mall I front packed her and she dozed away while I got my jobs done.

Then it was time to feed and change her before we left to drive home.

The malls here have pretty good baby rooms so we went into one and I fed, then went to change Lil Miss P.

As I lay her down on the specially scooped bench I realised I didn’t want her lying directly on the surface, but I hadn’t brought a change mat with me. In fact I didn’t even own one!

I managed to work through it by lying her on my jacket (which was risky knowing what could go down – or out) then decided that our next stop would be to buy a change mat for future outings.

We went to the local baby store and Oh.My.Gosh! $50 for a change mat! Seriously?!

I refused to pay that much for a bit of waterproof material for my child to lie on for 5 minutes and hatched a plan.

I would make one.

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