Quilted Table Runner

quilted table runnerIt’s all very good and well buying a HUGE table to fill your dining area, but it’s a whole other thing trying to find runners and table cloths to cover it. 

A year or so ago, just before Lil Miss P was born, we purchased a 10 seater dinning table to replace our old one. The old table had seen better days and had been through two home builds (including being used as the builders place to stash tools and plans) and one earthquake repair process, shoved aside and once again covered in debris and dust.

Add to that the abuse one little boy can inflict on a table with paints and food and sharp objects and the table was well and truly past it’s best.

So, after more than 4 years of looking for the perfect table, we finally found a lovely 3 metre long, solid oak table, made right here in our home city.

It’s perfect for our family and has become the real hub of our house. It’s normally covered in all sorts of ‘goings on’ and we’re all often found perched there for a lot more time than just our usual meal times.

We love the table, but it’s impossible to furnish because it’s soooo long.

I toyed with just leaving it bare, but after a few hot mugs were put down on the bare wood despite almost begging the boys to use coasters, I knew I had to find something to help protect our investment.

With nothing store bought fitting the table, what’s left to do then, but make a custom quilted table runner?

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Quilt Catchup

I recently realised that there are a few quilts that I haven’t posted about here, because they were made before I started blogging at Craft Crazy Mama.

Rather than bore you with a post for each quilt, I thought I’d just do a quick catch up of the few quilts that have never had their story told here.

It’s quicker (for me and you) and it still get’s them out there for anyone who likes to see finished quilts.

Each of the quilts below represent a different quilting first for me. I mention what they are below so, without any further fanfare, here’s a few of my previously completed projects.

Kiwiana Quilt

new zealand quiltThis quilt was made for my step son and his Mum.

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Football Quilt

My step son has always been a fascinated spectator when it comes to my quilting.

He always asks me about what I’m making, what fabrics and pieces will go where, and offers just the right amount of praise when each quilt is finished.

It always surprises me because I didn’t expect a 9 year old boy to be that interested in quilting.

Heck! I was surprised that I got into, thinking it was a ‘nana hobby’.

And I wasn’t sure that he would be too bothered about having his own quilt, but when Christmas was looming and we didn’t have any wonderful ideas for his big present, I decided that perhaps he would like his own quilt, especially if it was a football quilt.

football quilt

The whole process was a bit of a challenge for me because not only am I not that excited by football patterened fabric, it was actually really hard to find the right mix of fabrics with football themes. Some were too cartoony, some were far too colourful, and others were just plain ugly.

Finally, after clicking page after page on Fabric.com, I found just the right mix.

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