Thank You Cards

When Lil Miss P was born she was super spoiled by all our friends and family.

She received loads of amazing gifts from all the people who love her, and from some people who barely even know her (us).

It was amazing, and very humbling.

I didn’t have a baby shower because that sort of thing just isn’t me. I hate being in the limelight, and I hate people feeling obliged to buy gifts. At any mention of a shower, I just brushed it off.

And I’m super glad I did because we really did receive a lot more than we expected, or need.

Once the storm of those first few weeks with a newborn was over I wanted to get all our Thank You cards out.

thank you card

Normally I would make my cards totally from scratch but, in the crazy fray of having a new baby in the house, these cards had to be easy to make and get out the door so on this occasion I decided to just buy pre-cut and folded cards and add a photo and a simple printed message.

It couldn’t be complicated or fiddly, and I wasn’t going to have time to get all my card, cutters and stamps etc out.

It just had to get done before too much time went past and it was too late to send them. (It’s a little awkward and odd sending Thank You cards 6 months after the fact).

The red and black theme was a quiet tribute to my mother in law, who we believe gave us the gift of this little girl. The colours are that of her favourite rugby team and though no one else would know the significance, it means something to us.

I’m sure a few people were surprised that we hadn’t gone for the usual pink girly theme, but I actually think the colours make the cards look a bit more classic.

Oh and the big blank area towards the bottom of the card? It’s not actually blank, but I have photoshopped out our names and Lil Miss P’s name for privacy reasons.

Each card had the name of the person who gave us the gift, and a personal message on it, and then I wrapped and tied red ribbon around the card.

thank you card

50 Thank You cards in the post and on their way to everyone.

We’ve received so many compliments about the cards, and a lot of our family and friends still have it displayed in their homes with Lil Miss P’s picture.

I even had a few people tell me they couldn’t believe I had managed to put together such a lovely card, with the little time I have available. But it really was pretty easy once I had all the materials.

So, Thank You card mission complete : )

Thank You again to all our friends and family (well the one’s reading this anyway). You really did make the arrival of our little girl even more special with all your love and celebration.



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