Wee Man’s Quilt

My best friend’s wife was pregnant at the same time as I was.

It was so lovely to have someone close to me, to share the journey with and we text and talked about everything!

All the changes we were going through, all our hopes, fears and expectations.

We gave each other advice, and looked to each other for support.

I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have shared those 9 months with.

Then their wee man was born. 3 weeks premature, and 5 weeks before Lil Miss P (who was 2 weeks prem herself).

He arrived a bit sooner than planned due to complications and suddenly the quilt that I had laid out on the dining table for weeks, trying to come up with the perfect layout, needed finishing quickly!

Time to put aside my perfectionist tendencies and put together a layout that was totally good enough.

I seriously doubted anyone but me would notice one piece not placed ideally but it hadn’t stopped me from trying to make sure it didn’t happen.

Now it was a case of just going with it, and getting that top stitched together.

As is always the case, when you have a deadline, things can come together a lot quicker than you thought.

And things can go wrong.

The quilting on this quilt was a bit trying, and I unpicked a LOT of stitching, but eventually I got it all done.

I then managed to start stitching my binding on the wrong way around (huh??) so had to correct that.

All sorts of things were going wrong. Maybe it was me rushing a little, or maybe it was the fact that I wanted this quilt, a gift for such special people, to be super special and the pressure was getting to me?

Who knows, but it it all came together perfectly in the end.

boys quilt

(Sorry, it’s a bad picture because I was in a rush to get it photographed and out the door.)

I wrapped it up and took it to the hospital to visit the wee man and his Mum and Dad loved it.

There has since been many a photo of the wee man on his quilt, enjoying it like it should be enjoyed.

Quilts aren’t just for show, they need to be used, and loved, and washed and used again.

Doing all my quilting brings me a ton of enjoyment, just because, but when it’s for a gift for someone who’s going to appreciate it, it’s even more fulfilling.

If you like the layout of this quilt, the original pattern came from Cluck Cluck Sew and is called the Road Trip Quilt.

It’s really easy to cut, piece and stitch and as a gift, comes together really quickly if you’re not being an over the top perfectionist like I was ; )


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